Slow Lazy Weekend and Scorching Skin

Yay four day weekend for us college kids without a Friday class. Thank goodness for labor day, I really needed break. The week wasn’t to bad and this weekend I got quite a bit done. Friday Gabby and went to Seven Mile CafĂ©, a really cool little coffee shop. And then got pizza before going home. Saturday was a lot of fun, we went to the farmers market and did some exploring downtown. Now, I love to explore but thanks to the Doxycycline my skin will feel like it’s on fire. I almost never get sunburned, maybe right in the beginning of the summer but it is never sever. So we all know what a sunburn feels like, but this is different. My skin is tingly, burning and itching all at the same time. And while I wear shorts it’s my arms that are effected. When I forget and scratch my arms I almost want to start crying. Now while my skin feels like I have an extreme sunburn that would peal that isn’t the case. I am left with a nice darker tan as if it were any other summer day. Sunday I went and bought some sunscreen, I decided to go natural since my skin has been itching (under arms, legs and shoulders). When I leave to walk to a coffee shop around 3:00pm I had barely been out 5 minutes when I felt like I was on fire again. I don’t think that heat is the trigger, since being in the shade even is for a minute causes the pain to subside. Now I believe that when it gets cooler this symptom will lessen since the sun will be less intense. When reading what I should I saw that I should wear hats, long-sleeves and long pants. But of course it’s August in Texas, which means it get’s up to 100 degrees regularly. So how am I meant to cover my whole body and walk around campus without passing out! I am drinking a great deal of fluids and I will do my best to cover my arms, hopefully that helps.

So now that I bored you with the tiny details of my weekend and pesky skin problems, I am wondering if someone will help me find the right information about clay baths? I tried one the other day but I feel like I am missing something. When I try to mix the clay I can’t get it smooth at all. I am about to do some research in hopes that I can figure it out! please though if you have any information, resources or suggestions please share!


Hey Guys!

Sooo it’s been a long time. I have decided to try and post here and on my independent website ( I want to reach people but it seems that maybe my best bet is to try both sites. I really like posting on my own site, it gives me more options and freedom. So hopefully after tomorrow’s government class I will share a few of my past posts on the other site. Please check out my blog here and on the other site
Good night Mes amours!
Sarah Jane


Hey guys! I moved to my own website… I will no longer be blogging here, I felt like I could maybe reach more people if I was hosting my own site.

Please check it out, It is still a little rough around the edges but I’m liking it a lot better. I have a few links to bloggers that I have found here so if you want me to look at your blog and link it to my site I would be happy to. Also if you feel so inclined to return the favor it would be much appreciated.

You can email me if you have questions or if you would like me to add a link to your blog, or if you have any suggestions… I love suggestions.

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Nothing New Really

So life is exactly the same as it was three weeks ago and the week before that. I rest in my room, still making clay beads that I haven’t done anything with and I leave my room to shower, eat and take pills. This is partly because I live with my grandfather and he a bit of a hermit, he brings the hermit out of me. Also if you are underage or without friends in San Marcos there isn’t much to do. Don’t get me wrong I like San Marcos and I think once 21 it will be more fun.

So since all do is eat, sleep, craft and shower it is no surprise that I have eaten almost all the blueberry muffins. I avoid the scale as much as possible due to lack of exercise, food and the Gabapentin. I know it seems kinda shallow that I worry about my weight when so much else could be wrong. This year I worked so hard to loose the weight that I gained when I was sick the last time. It took me a long time just to get back down to 150 and I really want to keep it that way. I’m hoping that clean eating will help keep it that way, that and a lot of green tea. Fingers crossed when I get back on the scale it won’t be to different.

In other news Saturday I start my next antibiotic, this one I know I can stomach, yay more doxy! Just keeping everyone updated!

I Made Muffins

I made homemade muffins! So last night I got a burst of energy and I had a little bit of everything I needed to bake. Here is the recipe if anyone would like to try it, it is gluten free, sugar free, and lactose free if you want it to be!
1 cup corn flour (fine)
1 cup rice flour or gluten free flour mix
1/2 cup stevia
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
4 eggs
1/2 cup almond milk (you can use other milks if you want)
6 teaspoons butter or vegan butter
1 cup or more of blueberries fresh or frozen
Add more stevia or agave to get the sweetness your looking for
Bake a 330 until gold or until they look finished, try the toothpick trick!

This is a really yummy recipe, don’t think it will be a moist light weight muffin because it’s closer to cornbread.

I Had Sugar and Now I Wish I Hadn’t

Well many if not all Lymies follow a certain diet. When I walked into my LLMDs office he said “No gluten, sugar or dairy”. I was already gluten free but giving up dairy was very hard. After five weeks of live like a squirrel I went back to my doctor and he said I could have dairy back if I had no reaction. He said I could eat what I wanted as long as I remained gluten free. I chose to remain sugar free as well as gluten free. Well I was sugar free until now……..

Yep, I broke down a few minutes ago. I was using powdered sugar to cover my fingers to prevent finger prints in a bowel I am making. Well I should have known better, I mean come on tempting fate! Well I made a yogurt/frosting dip for my gluten free pretzels. I really should have known that it was a bad idea. I am now of course have an upset stomach, nothing to bad but I have once again off sugar. So please will someone check on me in five weeks and remind me how poorly I feel right now.